Design Engineering & Drafting

The success of every project begins and ends on the precision and innovation that’s initiated in the early planning and design stages. P&F Metals has what it takes from start to finish.

Tanks - Fabrication & Installation

From dairy and food tanks to feed and grain tanks, get the experts at P&F Metals on the job and you’ll quickly discover why so many of our clients, keep coming back.

Design-Build Approach

With our Design-Build approach, everything works together to benefit you, the client, because the Designer, the Engineer and the Builder are all on the same team.

Piping Systems - Process & Mechanical

The design, building & installation of piping and process systems is crucial to your project. Let P&F Metals’ years of experience deliver a system that will keep everything running at optimum levels.

3D Scanning Capabilities

When technology meets true innovation, it just raises the bar. P&F Metals utilizes the latest 3D scanning technology to save you time & money by building a high resolution, accurate 3D model of your site. From design to implementation, P&F Metals has you covered.

Air Pollution Control Systems

Meeting todays’ demanding clean air standards is an ever growing challenge. Look to P&F Metals for a full compliment of air pollution control systems for the industrial, agricultural and food processing industries.

Plant & Process Flow Design

It’s always exciting when we get the opportunity to truly innovate in plant and process flow design.
“When everything comes together to work efficiently and cost-effectively, it’s very satisfying.”
- Garret Allison

CNC Plasma Cutting, Shears, Rolls & Press Brakes

When it comes to custom metal fabrication, P&F Metals’ state-of-the-art plasma cutting torches, shears, rolls and press brakes are just one of many ways that P&F Metals is able to bring truly innovative solutions to every project.

Custom Metal Fabrication

At P&F Metals, we are known problem-solvers. Our decades of custom metal fabrication experience makes us uniquely qualified to find the innovative solution that will make your project the best it can be.

In-House Crane Services

The P&F Metals team are experts at saving our clients money. Having our own crane is just one of the many ways that we get the job done while helping with the bottom line.

Project Management

P&F Metals’ Project Managers are in the field regularly and have the real-world experience and knowledge you need to keep your project on track. Experienced Project Management is just one of the many ways that P&F Metals keeps you on or under budget, so you can concentrate on the big picture.

Professional Engineering

Within our family of companies, our professional engineering teams, work tirelessly to ensure precise and time-saving Professional Engineering. We’re licensed in Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering, serving our clients both on-site and at our headquarters in the heart of California.

Material Handling System

Material handling & conveying systems are at the heart of your production system and P&F Metals has the expertise to install and deliver a system that will save you money and keep your operation running for years to come.

Millwright Services

From installing conveyors for industrial systems, to metal fabrication and custom design, a modern millwright needs to be an expert in many fields. P&F Metals has been providing millwright services for over 60 years. Let us bring our wealth of experience to your next project.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection

As renowned problem-solvers and expert metal fabricators, P&F Metals will find a solution or we’ll build one from scratch.


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